First / A Bit About Me

Something I love about my job is the vulnerability I get to see in every couple and every family. I remember the day I fell in love with humanity... (at some point we all thought we were gross, right?! Just me?) Now I LOVE people! The differences in everyone / Their uniqueness / Their DEPTH. I realized everyone has years and years of a "past" that made them who they are; and everyone’s past is as deep and intricate and meaningful as my own. I love vulnerability and I love capturing the truth and the beauty about a person.

During my life I have sought out wisdom through experience, listening to those around me, older and younger, and seeking the Lord. I am constantly learning, and will never truly "arrive". Praise God we don’t have to be perfect.

"Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and turn away from evil". Proverbs 3:7

Rebekah Sage and husband self portrait and dog

Next / What to Expect

Try not to get caught up in the wordiness of things when searching for a photographer. Above all, what I want is you to walk away from any session we have and feel confident, relaxed, cared for, and deeply beautiful and loved for who you are. You deserve that! Take a second to read about my approach below, and scroll through the testimonials of past clients then reach out to me!

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1 / Get to know you

The stories our lives tell are what lasts forever. It’s what gets passed down. What we love. What we give our time and effort to. How we care for those around us. Your wedding is the beginning of the story you tell with your marriage, which is exactly why I will make every effort to get to know you and your heart, long before your wedding day arrives. What exactly is it that you want most in your day? There’s no wrong answer! Don’t just go with the "norm" (as if there is one) because it’s all you’ve seen examples of. Let’s do a day-after session just you two, happily married! Want to exchange vows on a mountainside? I know places. You have 400 best friends and family? Well don’t leave a single one out! We can find other ways to lower cost, I promise you! Don’t settle, please. You don’t need to do this alone.

2 / Real Emotion

I love to focus on genuine and authentic moments. The moments where we’re walking to our next location, when you steal a kiss from each other. When I ask you to something and you truly take it and run with it, creating an intimate moment full of deep laughs and vulnerability. I truly believe that we are our MOST beautiful / as people / when we are the most vulnerable and the most known, and yet deeply loved for who we truly are. You as a couple have achieved that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. Your "chins" and your arms are part of you, and your spouse adores them, and your Creator adores them, so don’t sit here worrying about what you look like... that’s my job. Focus on your partner, and making them feel close to you. Making them feel loved. Make sure you both know that this is finally REAL!

3 / The Memories

How you feel during your session or your wedding is exactly how you will feel when looking back on your photos. If you felt rushed, you will see that in your smile no matter how beautiful the photo. Your memories will last way longer than your table decorations or the food you chose to serve. I am not the cheapest photographer you will find, but cheap photos are not what you want! Your photos will hang on your walls and I want them to be the BEST reminder in hard times and happy times of why you got married and how wonderful it felt. The thing about “Beauty" in general, is that we have a deep desire to more than just LOOK at it... we wish to be a part of it, to be in it.. to BE beautiful. That’s the type of memory I want you to have when looking back on your photos: True, real, raw beauty.

4 / Here for You

I really don’t have just one specific style. Yes, I have my methods and I do have active prompts to get you relaxed and moving, but each couple is so different and tells a different story, so I am here to dive deep and tell your story. True to who you are. I do not rush things, and I won’t make you feel uncomfortable. I will be honest with you, and I ask that you be honest with me! Why hide your truths and your fears and your loves? From the very beginning I want this to be as stress-free as possible for you! I have loads of advice I am happy to share with a person who wants it. This is YOUR investment, and I am here for you. I do my very best to never overwork myself, because I want to put my best foot forward and have the most amount of energy possible to give to you.



“Rebekah is fantastic. I mean, words cannot explain. I knew from the minute I spoke to her that I had to use her. My plans changed 6 weeks before my wedding due to COVID and Rebekah swooped in and saved the day and eased every concern. She captured our day perfectly and I could not have imagine anyone else. She has a true talent and artistic eye. I love her! She will be my photographer for life!”