Wedding Questionnaire

Well hello there! At this point, I have already talked to you about your wedding, and let me tell you, I am SO excited to get to be a part of y’all’s day! What an honor! I’m here for YOU, so if I’m in your way, you need a glass of water, or a quick group pic and I’m across the room... just holler and I’m there!

Now that you’ve booked me as your photographer: In order for me to be best prepared, and for you to be able to relax and trust me on your day, I’d love to know a few things!

(Date & Location)

If not, that’s great! If yes, at the venue ‘ or where? You can also do a first touch, or read notes separately! This will help with timeline planning.

Tell me what you envision for getting ready? Will you be getting ready at the same place as your spouse?

I love incorporating this into the day! Example: Physical Touch: It would be special to have each of you by a corner and do a “first touch" and hold hands instead of a first look and have me there documenting it! Something unique to YOU!